News analysis: Taking the fine-toothed comb to Nashville English First

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As we speak, the good folks at the U.S. Postal Service are distributing to Davidson County voters some 30,000 postcards on behalf of Metro Council Member Eric Crafton’s push for an English-only clause to be added to the city’s charter.

While has in the past been critical of Crafton’s efforts on this front, we thought we’d take a different, more constructive tack this time around. Being a little partial to words, we sat down with our trusty red pens to determine if Crafton’s former English teachers would approve of this missive.

The verdict? We found almost a dozen errors and flaws, including several punctuation gaffes, a subject-verb disagreement and a heck of a tongue twister that doesn’t make for pithy advocacy writing.

We’ve detailed our recommendations here should the Crafton camp decide to print a second run of cards this summer. Oh, and by the way, Geert De Lombaerde, our associate editor, didn’t learn English until he was 10.