Preliminary candidate lists rolling in

UPDATED with candidate names for U.S. Senate, House and school board as well as more than 20 State House races of interest

Those wanting to run for a seat in the Tennessee State Legislature needed to have their paperwork in to the election commission at high noon today.

While there will be no official candidate roster until it is issued by the Secretary of State's office, is working to give you as complete a list as possible as to who is running.

The first list we have been able to obtain are candidates that are believed to have filed for the State Senate. As more lists come in, we will be posting them throughout the day. Again, this is not an official list issued by the state, so please keep checking back as this list will likely change.

A number of local State House qualifiers follow this list.

U.S. Senate Qualifiers

Incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander, Democrats Bob Tuke, Mike Padgett, Mark E. Clayton, Gary G. Davis, Kenneth Eaton, Charles Jackson, and Leonard Ladner, independents Edward L. Buck, David Gatchell, Ed Lawhorn, Christopher L. Fenner, Daniel T. Lewis, and Chris Lugo

U.S. House District 5 Qualifiers

Incumbent Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Cooper, Republicans Gerard Donovan and Vijay Kumar, independents Jonathan Jackson, Aaron Childress, and John P. Miglietta

U.S. House District 7 Qualifiers

Incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Republican Tom Leatherwood, Democrats Randy G. Morris and James Tomasik

Davidson County School Board Qualifiers

District 1 - Incumbent George H. Thompson III, Barry Barlow, Sharon Gentry, and William D. Mason, Jr.

District 3 - Incumbent Mark North, Timothy Coleman

District 5 - Incumbent Gracie Porter

District 7 - Incumbent Ed Kindall, Cordenus Eddings

District 9 - vacant seat with retirement of Marsha Warden, Paul J. Brenner, Alan Coverstone, Sonny Farmer, Stephen W. Hicks, James Lech, Lee E. Limbird, John Summers

Davidson County Chancellor IV Qualifiers

Democrat Russell T. Perkins, independent Matt Sweeney

Davidson County 5th Circuit Court Judge Qualifier

Democrat Joe Binkley, Jr.

State Senate Qualifiers

SD4 - incumbent independent Sen. Mike Williams, Democrat Phillip Mabe, Republican Mike Faulk

SD6 - incumbent Republican Sen. Jamie Woodson, Democrat Gary Farmer

SD8 - incumbent Republican Raymond Finney, Republican Rep. Doug Overby

SD10 - incumbent Democrat Sen. Andy Berke, Republican Basil Marceaux

SD12 - (vacant seat due to the retirement of Democratic Sen. Tommy Kilby) Democrat Becky Ruppe, Republican Ken Yeager

SD14 - incumbent Democrat Sen. Steve Roller, Democrats Eric Stewart and Jim Woodard, Republican Lynn Sebourn

SD16 - incumbent Republican Jim Tracy, Democrat Jean Anne Rogers

SD18 - incumbent Republican Sen. Diane Black, Democrat Jim Hawkins

SD20 - incumbent Democrat Sen. Joe Haynes, Republican David R. Hall

SD22 - incumbent Democrat Sen. Rosalind Kurita, and Democrat Tim Barnes

SD24 - incumbent Democrat Sen. Roy Herron

SD26 - (vacant seat due to the retirement of Democratic Sen. John Wilder) Republican State Rep. Dolores Gresham, Democrats Randy Camp and Steve Butler

SD28 - incumbent Democrat Sen. Jim Kyle

SD30 - incumbent Democrat Sen. Beverly Marrero

SD32 - incumbent Republican Sen. Mark Norris

Davidson County State House Qualifiers

HD50 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Gary Moore

HD51 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Mike Turner

HD52 - (vacant seat due to the retirement of Democratic Rep. Rob Briley) Democrats Mike Stewart and Eric Stansell, independent Dan Scott

HD53 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Janis Sontany

HD54 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Brenda Gilmore

HD55 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Gary Odom, Republican Timothy Lee

HD56 - incumbent Republican Rep. Beth Harwell

HD58 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Mary Pruitt, independent Lisa Kleis

HD59 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Sherry Jones

HD60 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Ben West, Jr., Republican Ron Hickman

Qualifiers for races of interest

This category includes state house seats from all across the Volunteer State that have significant challengers or are open seats due to retirements or seeking other office.

One race that won't be listed below is that of Rep. Joanne Favors. Favors was expected to face a primary challenge from former Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman Stuart James, but because he used improper signature forms he has been disqualified from consideration.

Here are the other races of interest:

HD02 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Nathan Vaughn, Republican John Serginer

HD04 - incumbent Republican Rep. Kent Williams, Republican Jerome Cochran

HD07 - incumbent Republican Rep. Matthew Hill, Republicans Todd Smith and Bob Patton

HD11 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Eddie Yokely, Republican Dan Ford

HD14 - (vacant with retirement or Republican Rep. Parkey Strader) Republicans Ryan Haynes and Thomas Baer

HD18 - incumbent Republican Rep. Stacey Campfield, Republicans Ron Ledbetter and Johnathan Katsirosis

HD20 - (vacant with Overby challenge for Senate) Republicans Tona Monroe-Ball, Jimmy Melton, Steve Hargis, and Robert Ramsey

HD31- incumbent Republican Rep. Jim Cobb, Republican Jim Vincent

HD33- incumbent Democrat Rep. Jim Hackworth, Republican Alex Moseley

HD34 - incumbent Republican Rep. Donna Rowland, Democrats Jerome Perkins and Rishi Saxena

HD36 - (vacant with retirement of Republican Rep. William Baird) Democrats Roger Byrge and Marilyn Toppins, Republicans Chad Faulkner, Mark Goins, Vick King, Philips Richardson, and independent Virgil Kidwell

HD39 - incumbent Democrat Rep. George Fraley, Republican Steve Heath

HD40 - (vacant with retirement of Democrat Rep. Frank Buck) Democrats Jeff Barrett, Gayla Hendrix, Dean Sircy, Cleveland Bain, Carl Jones, George McDonald, Steve Cantell, Sarah Marie Smith, and Republicans Nicky Rittenberry and Terri Lynn Weaver

HD45 - incumbent Republican Rep. Debra Maggart, Democrat Andy Allman

HD46 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Stratton Bone, Republican Albert McCall

HD62 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Curt Cobb, Republicans Barbara Blanton and Chris Brown

HD71 - (vacant with retirement of Democrat Rep. Randy Rinks) Democrats Stan Wheeler and Bill Brown, Republicans Frank Lacy and Vance Dennis, independent Steve Childers

HD75 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Butch Borchert, Republicans James Hart, Timothy Wirgau, and Ruben Adams

HD77 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Phillip Pinion, and Democrats Jerry Grady and Ross Dubrule

HD79 - (vacant with retirement of Republican Rep. Chris Crider) Republicans Curtis Halford and Mark Renfroe, and Democrat Jim Ryal

HD81 - incumbent Democrat Rep. Jimmy Naifeh, Republican Roy Bricko

HD94 - (vacant with Republican Rep. Dolores Gresham seeking senate seat) Republicans Bob Doll, Barrett Rich, and Ronnie Steins, and Democrats John Dowdy, Pamela McIntyre-Smith, and Brenda Wood