November/December 2013
A growth agenda with roots in 2005 has blossomed into a productive entrepreneurial ecosystem
The brains behind the EC and Jumpstart Foundry talk about the incubators’ evolutions
A new farm food hub gains traction with local eateries. The next big question: How to expand the system
Bill Miller takes an unconventional approach to his Johnny Cash Museum
Lotz Foundation leader skillfully transitions from TV news director to nonprofit executive director
Virginia Davis lights up Music Row with G Major Management
Getting the right help early can get you to the right customers
Owners of Nashville’s shared workspace businesses learn on the go as local industry remains relatively new
Berry Hill's Write Off the Row gives songwriters an alternative setting to be creative
Austin and Charlotte showcase strong entrepreneurial communities — and Nashville should take note
Sharp-dressed and sharp-minded business partners Michael McPherson and Mace Neal believe Nashville is the best home for their Windsor Neckwear
Brentwood-based athletic sock manufacturer Swiftwick stays focused on the feet
Change Healthcare's founder and former CEO maintains his passion for — and influence with — the company in a redefined role
Quore Systems' Scott Schaedle talks company growth, hotel industry
Why IBM hooked up with Dan Hogan’s Medalogix — and how that’s changed his working days
A few things to consider as you look for your next phase of financing
Five principles that make it easier to assemble the right group of people
Area’s networking events go well beyond tried and true
Family's interests have ranged from publishing and banking to toys and higher ed
Franklin American leader has built national player, invested in local causes
Executive built retail empire on back of $600 grocery story investment
Profit-sharing, full health coverage, home-buying grants among LetterLogic benefits
Long-term approach pays off for manager of Kings of Leon, Ke$ha and others
Adjusting and persisting are key to getting benefits from a venture gone south
Business owners need to do their legal homework before selling
Turning over or selling your company requires you to fight many of your entrepreneurial instincts
Area investors say it helps to have been on the other side of the table

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