Visions of the East Bank's future

This week's City Paper showcases a number of the ideas that have been submitted to the Nashville Civic Design Center's competition to envision an overhauled East Bank downtown. Designers were asked to incorporate outdoor exercise elements and sports venues into a mixed-use environment.

Seventeen submissions were picked as finalists, from which three winners will be chosen. They will be made public later this week. In the meantime, here are some of the concepts that caught our eye.

Sep 17, 2012 11:06 AM

Auction of Regions Center hits road bump

High bid did not reach owner's minimum price
Sep 14, 2012 1:42 PM

Renasant buys West End location, plans Nashville HQ

Future plans include office, retail
Sep 14, 2012 1:10 PM

Sale of 100 Oaks Mall looms

Dallas-based owner ATR and Associates declines to disclose buyer
Sep 5, 2012 12:17 PM

A first look at Antioch community plan options

Metro Planning officials late last week released a draft of their community plan — composed with much public input — for the Antioch-Priest Lake area of Davidson County. The draft and related documents, available here, talk among other things about the large tracts of still-available land for residential development and the desire by residents for denser development.

A ‘Lenox Village’ type of residential development is, according to participants in the Antioch-Priest Lake Community Plan update, the desired form and mixture of housing. This type of development is also a more competitive product in today’s housing market because it appeals to a variety of buyers. Baby boomers, young professionals, and families are all looking for a similar housing product; mixed-housing with less maintenance and access to parks and retail. This product could be included in Antioch-Priest Lake putting the community’s housing product on a more competitive edge within the county and region.

Not surprisingly, another key to the community plan is building on the area's natural centers of development, including Hickory Hollow Mall and the nearby Crossings area. Below are outlines of two of the options, one of which envisions a circle road around a much more mixed-use mall site devoid of many of its large surface parking lots. Click here and here for larger versions of the images.

Sep 4, 2012 1:09 PM

Real estate notes: Opry Mills adds more stores

Also: Two join Cassidy Turley
Aug 27, 2012 11:29 AM

Dance music festival coming to riverfront

Two of the highest-profile electronic music DJs have pulled together a two-day festival that will hit Nashville's riverfront in late October. Tickets go on sale here on Tuesday.

The site for the festival is one of unparalleled awesomeness, taking place on the waterfront of downtown Nashville. Artists will perform in front of the scenic river and skyline, and several private events will ensue post-festival, both at an undisclosed terrestrial location and on a river boat.

Aug 27, 2012 6:46 AM

Mack and Kate's owners to open Cummins Station restaurant

M. Restaurant & Bar will operate from modern, open space
Aug 24, 2012 2:16 PM

Permit Patrol: 24 August 2012

New brand for West End hotel, multimillion dollar project at Baptist, downtown brewery makes room for coffee space, and more...
Aug 24, 2012 10:38 AM

Seven Springs getting $40M luxury apartments

Unnamed project from Solomon, Evergreen will break ground later this year
Aug 23, 2012 2:09 PM