Forbes finds Titans worth less than the average NFL franchise

Forbes ranks the Tennessee Titans 19th among the NFL’s 32 teams in franchise value.

According to the magazine, the franchise is worth $1.16 billion, slightly ahead of No. 20 Minnesota ($1.15 billion), a little bit behind No. 18 Tampa Bay ($1.225 billion) and well below the average of $1.43 billion.

Forbes lists the Titans’ 2013 revenue as $278 million and its operating income last year at $36 million.

Seven franchises – San Diego, Cincinnati, Oakland, Jacksonville, Detroit, Buffalo and St. Louis – came in at less than $1 billion. The Dallas Cowboys topped the list at $3.2 billion, more than double that of the Titans.

According to the article:

There is a widening wealth gap in the NFL due to the piles of cash big market teams generate from modern stadiums and the premium a buyer would be willing to pay for entry into the most elite U.S. sports league in a big city. The value of the New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears, and San Francisco 49ers each rose by at least 30% during the past year.