Corbin: CWS title will allow 2014 Commodores to reconvene, 're-create these memories'

Tim Corbin never has enjoyed the way a college baseball season ends.

The latest one is no different.

Even though his Vanderbilt Commodores won the College World Series and were feted with an on-campus celebration that drew several thousand fans Thursday evening, Corbin was uncomfortable with what comes next.

Every year, within a day or two of their final game players fan out across the country to participate in summer leagues. Or they sign professional contracts and immediately move into that phase of their career. Or they go home.

“The unfortunate thing is the schedule of school is difficult when it comes to closure with these kids because they do just up and leave,” Corbin told the Nashville Post. “That part I find to be unfortunate and I find frustrating because you would like more time to decompress and share your thoughts with them.

“But you’re not given that time with them.”

These players won’t be in class next week, which means they won’t share time in study hall. They won’t receive pats on the back as they walk across campus. They won’t gather in small groups at night in dorm rooms to play video games or meet up in the cafeteria to relive all they accomplished. They won’t be drawn to the locker room to bask in the glow of the trophy.

When the players do come back for the fall semester and gather for the first time, they will be a different team.

So just like that, it’s over. Just as it was for the first 11 teams Corbin coached at Vanderbilt.

The difference comes later. Much later.

As the first Vanderbilt men’s team in any sport to win a national championship, the 2014 Commodores can look forward to a banner raising and ring presentation. Team members will be inducted into the school’s athletics hall of fame. There will be reunions. Heck, there probably will be a time when a statue of Corbin is unveiled in front of Hawkins Field.

 They’ll go their separate ways now but what they accomplished will tie them together forever.

“The thing that’s going to be strange is that we don’t have a little more time with them, maybe, to process the whole situation,” Corbin said. “But I think future events will bring this group together again.

“They, obviously, will be back on campus again and we will re-create these memories at some point.”