Poile: Trotz 'found a good fit' with Washington

It was no surprise to anyone that other NHL teams wanted Barry Trotz to be their head coach.

To the man who cut loose the former Nashville Predators coach after 15 seasons, though, that was not the most important part of Trotz’s search for a new job, which concluded Monday when the Washington Capitals hired him.

“I think most importantly he found a good fit for himself and a job that he really wanted,” Nashville general manager David Poile told the Nashville Post on Wednesday. “I think as important as being wanted by someone is that you want to be there also. I think it really feels good to him. So that’s great.”

Trotz coached the Capitals’ AHL affiliate from 1992-1997 and scouted for them for five seasons prior to that.

He takes over a team that finished 13th in goals scored this season and as recently as 2009-10 scored 313, 45 more than any other NHL team that season and 41 more than Nashville ever scored.

“I guess there’s some symmetry to this business, this life,” Poile said. “… He’s got lots of good players, certainly a much different team than we have. I think it will be very interesting and a good challenge that he wants to accept.”

Poile’s take on the decision is not a matter of conjecture either. He said the two have maintained contact even after they parted ways professionally.

“We’ve talked on a regular basis,” Poile said. “We talked [Tuesday]. We talked a lot about the whole process. It’s been good for me. Hopefully, I’ve been of some benefit to him.”

Depending on how things go, firing him could ultimately be the best thing Poile did for Trotz.