Locker hopes speedy recovery will 'create a culture' for Titans

If there is an upshot to Jake Locker’s injury history it is that he knows it is possible to return to full health – often quicker than doctors expect.

“I’ve always felt that not one of is here looks alike, not one of us here has the same body styles, the same facial features for a reason,” the Tennessee Titans quarterback said. “I think that people heal differently. Some people heal faster, slower, whatever it is.

“I take pride in the fact that I’m going to do everything I can to exceed people’s expectations.”

The latest example occurred Tuesday when the Titans completed the first of three days of organized team activites (OTAs). Having been cleared by team doctors, Locker participated fully in all of the practice periods. His movement and workload were not curbed in any way.

That was a step up from an earlier minicamp, during which his work was limited to individual periods.

“With rehabs, you can always say what the schedule is going to be but it depends on when they’re healthy,” coach Ken Whisenhunt said. “It’s a credit to Jake for working hard. Obviously, it was good to get him out there with the team. That was an important piece of it. But it was just the first day.

“I respect that the way that he’s come in here and worked. … Just the way he’s been studying and working at it I really like. There’s no substitute for getting to work on the field.”

Locker said he planned to audition several footwear options to see what provided the best, most comfortable option for his surgically repaired foot.

On this day he wore a regular shoe, albeit with two small ‘Xs’ were cut into it. One was on the top and one was at the toe, both in line with his big toe.

Even with that, though, he still was several steps ahead of what the team’s medical staff expected.

“That was my goal,” Locker said. “First of all, to be able to get back out here as soon as I can because with it being a new offense, a new system I want to run plays behind center as often and as much as I can before we take our first snaps in the season. And I want the guys on the team to know that it means something to me, that I’m not just taking a break because I can.

“I’m going to do everything I can to be on the field and hopefully it helps to create a culture that we’re all going to try and work that way.”