How to get on the scoresheet without getting in the game

Tonight, the Dallas Stars will host the Columbus Blue Jackets, making up a game suspended when Stars forward Rich Peverley — a former Nashville Predator — collapsed on the bench.

The Blue Jackets will begin the game with a 1-0 lead, the NHL basing its decision on a similar case from a 2005 game between the Predators and Detroit Red Wings suspended after the Wings' Jiri Fischer went into cardiac arrest.

Tonight's game, though, presents an interesting statistical oddity. The Jackets' goal scorer — Nathan Horton — will miss the resumed contest with a lower-body injury and, so, will be credited with a goal in a game in which he does not play. It's believed to be the first time a player has scored a goal in a game in which he does not appear.

But it won't be the first time a player gets a point in a game in which he didn't play.

Nashville's Greg Johnson had already scored a goal when the Fischer game was suspended and when that game was replayed one month later, he indeed played. But the primary assist on Johnson's goal went to Scott Upshall, who was sent to Milwaukee two days prior. Thus, that game's box score shows Upshall (pictured) with an assist but with zero minutes played. Upshall got an assist without even being in the NHL.

And because only the goal and assists were carried over from the original game, Johnson officially scored his goal without recording a shot.