Washington comfortable with, confident in Titans' wide receiver depth

The majority of their wide receivers lack lengthy NFL résumés.

That doesn’t mean the Tennessee Titans aren’t deep at that position. Not from Nate Washington’s vantage point, at least.

With Washington, last year’s leading receiver Kendall Wright and 2013 second-round draft pick Justin Hunter the top three are clear. There are four other wide receivers currently on the roster, though, and two of them – Michael Preston and Marc Mariani – have been with the team for multiple seasons.

Between them, those four have 15 career NFL receptions. Kenny Britt and Damian Williams, who signed free agent deals with other teams in recent weeks, had 157 and 106 receptions, respectively.

“I think we have some good stability,” Washington said. “I’ve been looking at the situation – and I’ll start from the back end with Marc and Preston and the two new guys that we got in. To see the work ethic and the studying in the playbook it’s kind of strange to hear that we don’t have depth at receiver.”

A look at the players who provide depth at wide receiver:

• Michael Preston (6-5, 213): He played arena football before he spent the entire 2011 season on the Titans’ practice squad. Over the last two seasons he has been on and off the roster multiple times. He has the size but not the speed. He is, however, tough and reliable and has caught five passes each of the last two seasons.

• Marc Mariani (6-1, 187) : More accomplished as a return man, he has spent the last two years on injured reserve due to leg and shoulder injuries. This is his best chance to date

• Lamont Bryant (6-5, 225): Signed by Carolina as an undrafted free agent  out of Morgan State in 2012, he spent that entire season on the practice squad but was cut prior to training camp last year.

• Isaiah Williams (6-2, 201): Undrafted out of Maryland in 2009, he is well traveled but never has stuck anywhere. The Titans are his sixth team and his second coached by Ken Whisenhunt. He was with the Arizona Cardinals twice when Whisenhunt was the coach there.

"I watch these guys work every day," Washington said. "I watch their attitudes. I watch how they want to be. Anytime you have a group of guys that don’t want to be a backup – everybody striving to be a starter – that’s going to help this offense."