One week into free agency, Titans' Super Bowl odds growing longer

Apparently gamblers are unimpressed by what the Tennessee Titans have done in free agency relative to the rest of the NFL.

One week into the new league year the odds on the Titans winning the Super Bowl have increased 50 percent over what they were immediately following the Super Bowl. released its updated odds Tuesday and Tennessee, now at 75/1 was one of four teams for which the odds have gotten longer. That was up from 50/1 back on Feb. 3. Only Jacksonville, which went from 100/1 to 150/1 had a similar percentage jump.

“Unless a quarterback or star running back moves teams, it is pretty rare that one player in the NFL will have a big impact on Super Bowl odds, but we have seen some slight movement since free agency began,” Kevin Bradley, Bovada’s sports book manager said. “The Green Bay Packers have seen some money over the last week, getting [Julius] Peppers no doubt contributed to that, and have gone from 16-1 to 10-1. Meanwhile the Denver Broncos who have bolstered up their defense a touch have also dropped from 8-1 to 7-1, but are not seeing any backing by our bettors. The Eagles would be the other team that has moved from 25-1 to 18-1 as a result of them being pretty active in the market through keeping their own free agents, trades, and free agent signings.”

The complete list of current Super Bowl odds, according to

                                                            Odds on 2/3/14             Current Odds (3/18/14)   
Seattle Seahawks                                  9/2                                6/1
Denver Broncos                                    8/1                                7/1
San Francisco 49ers                              15/2                              15/2
New England Patriots                            14/1                              9/1
Green Bay Packers                                16/1                              10/1
Philadelphia Eagles                               25/1                              18/1
Indianapolis Colts                                  28/1                              20/1
New Orleans Saints                               18/1                              22/1
Carolina Panthers                                  25/1                              25/1
Chicago Bears                                      25/1                              28/1
Arizona Cardinals                                  33/1                              33/1
Atlanta Falcons                                     25/1                              33/1
Baltimore Ravens                                  40/1                              33/1
Cincinnati Bengals                                 25/1                              33/1
Houston Texans                                    40/1                              33/1
Kansas City Chiefs                                28/1                              33/1
Pittsburgh Steelers                                33/1                              33/1
San Diego Chargers                              33/1                              33/1
Dallas Cowboys                                    33/1                              40/1
Detroit Lions                                         33/1                              40/1
New York Giants                                   33/1                              40/1
St. Louis Rams                                     40/1                              40/1
Cleveland Browns                                  66/1                              50/1
Miami Dolphins                                     50/1                              50/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers                         50/1                              50/1
Washington Redskins                            40/1                              50/1
Minnesota Vikings                                 75/1                              66/1
New York Jets                                       50/1                              66/1
Buffalo Bills                                          75/1                              75/1
Tennessee Titans                                   50/1                              75/1
Oakland Raiders                                    75/1                              100/1
Jacksonville Jaguars                             100/1                            150/1