The Road To Perds-ition

Tuesday was not a red-letter day at 501 Broadway.

Maybe it was a red-squiggly-line day — as in the one that makes its tight little sine curve underneath misspelled words — but not a red-letter day, for sure.

The Nashville Predators sent out one of their regular season-ticket holder e-mails Tuesday morning, part of the aggressive plan implemented by CEO Jeff Cogen and COO Sean Henry nearly three years ago to keep season-ticket holders happy and engaged — Cogen calls these kind of things "flowers" — as they bring in new fans with deep discounts and, often — especially last season — free tickets.

But Tuesday's e-mail was no regular e-mail. Tuesday's e-mail — read it here — laid out the plan for season-ticket holders to pick up their Smashville Passports (the passport is a card onto which are loaded paperless tickets, "Smashville Reward Points" and serve as season-ticket ID badges for on-site discounts). It's a pretty exciting e-mail, one that portends the coming hockey season.

The e-mail repeatedly misspells Demonbreun, and that's forgivable as even Jacques-Timothée Boucher, Sieur de Montbrun's Wikipedia page notes the various and sundry spellings of what became his surname. And the "beable" in the next-to-last paragraph? Easy to overlook.

But the e-mail includes this exhortation: "Go Perds!"

Predictably — as it had with "Barves" — it became snark-fodder on Twitter.

Most of the time, these type of things would stay there, bounce around the echo chamber, only to resonate again when some Predator would make an especially Perds-ian error.

Unluckily, Keith Olbermann got a hold of it on his new ESPN show and declared the Preds-slash-Perds "The World's Worst."

If 2012 was the summer of handwringing for the Predators — with Ryan Suter's departure and Shea Weber's offer-sheet2013's offseason has been the summer of...odd publicity. How They laughed at the gold ice and how They mocked the plan to keep the Blackhawks fans out.

Those moves ("stunts" is maybe too strong a word, but not by much) brought a lot of summertime publicity to the Predators — some good, some bad but publicity all the same, and there's almost no bad publicity for a team like the Predators.

But the "Perds" thing? Avoidable, unplanned — and now immortalized via a gag on Olbermann.

The best move for the Preds? Beyond ignoring it (which Keith made all but impossible), probably a grin-and-bear-it approach — heck, they ought to embrace it with Barves-style t-shirts.

Go Perds, indeed.