Britt stands behind angry tweet, vows to move past it

Kenny Britt didn’t run from it.

Quite the contrary, in fact. A day after he took to Twitter and expressed frustration with the franchise and forecast the end of his time with the Tennessee Titans the veteran wide receiver waved reporters over to his locker and stood his ground.

“What did I mean by that?” he said when asked about his tweet. “I disagree with what they said about benching me the other day. It kind of frustrated me. So I went out of my way and tweeted something.”

The reaction earned him a meeting with general manager Ruston Webster and a chat with coach Mike Munchak, he said. It did nothing, however, to make him remorseful or hesitant to follow the same course of action in the future.

“I’d probably have done the same thing,” he said. “But I know there’s consequences with everything you do and with everything that you say. But I’ll still tweet.”

Britt said he took exception the explanation for why he was benched briefly in Sunday’s loss at Houston. He was pulled from the action, Munchak said, following his second holding penalty in as many games “to refocus him.”

“Were they wrong for benching me? I believe so,” Britt said. “And I believe the excuse they gave was wrong because at that point in time when they did bench me it had nothing to do with me having mistakes. We watched film and they didn’t correct me on anything from my route at the time. … I don’t have any problem blocking or have [a problem with] effort on blocking at all.

“… I’m over it, actually. I’ve been over it since I sent the Tweet that afternoon. … I’m here today. I’m working hard and today’s another day.”