Bustin' Coverage: At Look At Week 2 NFL Maps

Every week, JP Kirby over at 506sports.com loads up coverage maps for the week's NFL games, breaking down the wheres and whos of Sunday's national coverage. The maps are an interesting way to see the value the league — and Fox and CBS — put in each game, based on how wide each game's net is cast...and who is tapped to call them.

Every week, PostSports will break down the maps.

Check out the Week Two map here.

The CBS early slate includes Titans-Texans with Kevin Harlan on play-by-play and Solomon Wilcots on color. That's a few rungs down the broadcast ladder from last week for Tennessee, who drew the No. 3 team of Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts.

For the most part, the catchment is predictable — stretching from east and central Texas, up into Tennessee. It's a little unusual to see as much of southern Missouri brought in, but with the rest of the state taking the national game or blacked out because of the Chiefs game being opposite on Fox, it's not too much of an outlier. 

That segment of Upland South Carolina drawing Titans and Texans sticks out. Texans rookie receiver DeAndre Hopkins — the team is "enthused" by him — played at Clemson.

Other observations:

** The Bay Area is picking up Indianapolis-Miami on the early game. Colts quarterback Andrew Luck played at Stanford. New England also gets that game, presumably because it includes two of the Patriots' biggest rivals. Charlotte, N.C. picking up Colts-Dolphins is a headscratcher, though.

** Oklahoma gets Browns-Ravens, as Cleveland QB Brandon Weeden is a former Oklahoma State Cowboy. Not sure if Ravens fullback Vonta Leach — who played at East Carolina— is such a big draw that it moved the coastal portions of the Tar Heel State to this game, but that guess is as good as any.

** The CBS late map is cut-and-dry. Denver and the Giants are the national game. Oakland and Jacksonville is being foisted upon people in local markets.

** Leave it to Fox to be truly bizarre. Washington and Green Bay is the national game, with pockets in Nebraska as the Redskins feature three former Cornhuskers.

** Local markets with a CBS early game, especially in the South, get New Orleans and Tampa Bay late. Also? San Diego is the only county in California to get Saints-Bucs. Drew Brees regret is a powerful force.

** For two weeks in a row, Fairbanks and Anchorage are split between early games on CBS. We can find no reasonable explanation.