C.J. eager for the world — and his teammates — see him race a cheetah

Chris Johnson can guarantee at least 52 viewers for Friday’s airing of Man vs. Cheetah.

The Tennessee Titans running back expects his teammates to tune in to Nat Geo Wild (8 p.m.) to watch him and Chicago Bears wide receiver/returner Devin Hester race the fastest animal on the planet.

“They don’t believe me,” Johnson said last week. “They think it’s false. They’ll see [Friday]. They’re going to watch. I know they’re going to watch.”

Johnson’s run against a cheetah, staged under controlled conditions at Busch Gardens rather than in the wild, was a serious topic of conversation when the Titans opened training camp in July. It died down for a while but the talk has resurfaced with the episode finally set to air.

The three-time Pro Bowl running back has done his part to fuel interest in the project by remaining close-lipped about the outcome.

“I’ve seen replays of the race when I did it,” he said. “You have to watch.”