Olympic schedule again brings out the zeros in Predators

Maybe the Nashville Predators misconstrue the meaning of the Olympic rings.

Four years ago they mimicked the iconic logo when they put up five 0s in October and November, the early part of a schedule condensed by NHL players’ participation in the Winter Olympics.

The five shutouts against easily were Nashville’s most through the first two months of any full season. Until now.

With back-to-back 5-0 defeats at Winnipeg on Friday and New Jersey on Sunday the Predators already have been held scoreless four times this season, which also will be interrupted in February to accommodate the Olympics.

Oh, and nine games remain before the end of the month. Four of them are against teams that are among the 13 with two or more shutouts to their credit as of Monday morning.

“We're not playing well defensively and giving up way too many chances,” captain Shea Weber said, according to NHL.com. “We're giving up odd-man rushes and not helping out our goalie. We need to play solid defensively in order to get offense.”

Nashville’s four shutouts against are tied for the most in the NHL (with Buffalo and New Jersey) and at least twice as many as any other Western Conference team.



1-0 vs. Buffalo, Oct. 10
6-0 at Dallas, Oct. 14
2-0 at Chicago, Oct. 24
4-0 at Anaheim, Nov. 5
4-0 vs. Calgary, Nov. 30


4-0 vs. Toronto, Oct. 10
2-0 at Minnesota, Oct. 22
5-0 at Winnipeg, Nov. 8
5-0 at New Jersey, Nov. 10


1-0 at Atlanta, Nov. 15
1-0 vs. Dallas, Nov. 22
4-0 at St. Louis, Nov. 24

1-0 vs. Detroit, Oct. 27
3-0 at Dallas, Nov. 2
1-0 at Phoenix, Nov. 29

4-0 at Vancouver, Nov. 4
1-0 at Colorado, Nov. 8
1-0 vs. St. Louis (shootout), Nov. 25

1-0 vs. Calgary (overtime), Oct. 19
3-0 vs. St. Louis, Oct. 28
2-0 at Columbus, Nov. 22