It's "Lipscomb," not "LU." At least that's what the lawyers say

Lumination, Lipscomb University's news service, has an interesting piece about the school's abbreviation, LU.

It seems they're not allowed to use it anymore thanks to Liberty University.

“Several months ago, the university was contacted by legal counsel for Liberty University who informed us that they had copyrighted the use of the letters “LU” some time ago, and we did not have the right to use it as a logo or in any other description of Lipscomb University,” Vice President of Communications and Marketing Deby K. Samuels wrote in the email.

“In subsequent weeks, outside legal counsel was retained, and several attempts were made at reasonable negotiation. In the end, there were two options: one, initiate federal court litigation to adjudicate the rights to “LU” or, two, discontinue its use.  The cost and distraction to take the issue to court would be substantial and the outcome could still be negative. Therefore, the decision was made to immediately transition away from the use of “LU” campus wide.”

Can somebody get UT on the horn?