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Welcome To The World Of You Don't Have A Choice

The Washington Times reveals that the Bush Adminstration has taken steps to ensure its aims in Iraq are followed through on after they are gone from office:
The full impact of Mr. Bush's answer to a question put to him by a European author in a private Oval office meeting a year ago leaves no room for doubt. After an optimistic briefing on Iraq, the author asked the president, "What about your successor?" Mr. Bush replied: "Don't worry about him. We'll fix it so he'll be locked in."
Apr 21, 2008 6:59 AM

Al Gore's Earth Day Message To Knoxville: No Comment

Film reporter Betsy Pickle gets the brush off from friend of the earth, Al Gore:
Gore spoke passionately for several minutes about his favorite subject, the climate crisis, and how the film "Mountaintop Removal," about how coal mining is destroying an Appalachian community, ties into that problem. After he gave director Michael O'Connell the award and stood around for the press to take pictures, Gore headed into the VIP tent, where he posed for more photos and chatted with all and sundry. I thought, "Here's my chance to do my second Web film," so I introduced myself and asked Gore if he could give me an Earth Day message for our Web readers. "I'm not doing any interviews today," he replied. Just a simple comment about Earth Day? "I'm not doing any interviews today," he repeated stonily.
Apr 21, 2008 6:54 AM

The Audacity Of Hope On The State Budget

Rep. Jason Mumpower with some delicate languague regarding what may be awaiting state employees at the end of the legislature's budget process:
I hope that we can find the funds necessary for at least a 2 percent pay raise for our state employees. Tennessee can be grateful for our professional state employees who adjusted efficiently to the departmental budget cuts in 2003 and 2004. I anticipate they will handle any fiscal decisions that are made as a result of the current revenue shortfall with the very same degree of professionalism.
Apr 21, 2008 6:54 AM

Out Of The Game Early

"Politics is like a chess game. But real people with real problems don’t want to be pawns." ~ Newscoma
Apr 21, 2008 6:45 AM

Would Lieberman Have Put His Neoconservatism Aside?

The New York Times wonders if the rift would be as big today between Al Gore and Joe Lieberman were they finishing up their second terms as President and Vice President:
“I will always feel close to him, notwithstanding that we have taken different stands on issues like the Iraq war and the Dean endorsement,” he said in an interview last week. “But had we been elected, here’s the reality: he would have been the president. Ultimately it was his decision to make. Afghanistan — he probably would have gone in there. I would have argued we should have gone into Iraq but his opinion would have prevailed. And I would have supported him.” It is unknowable how hard Mr. Lieberman would have pushed his deeply felt views about the menace Saddam Hussein posed had he served under a president averse to war with Iraq. Some friends of Mr. Gore say they believe that Mr. Lieberman would have been a reasonably compliant vice president, thrilled to have been given the job and nervous about losing influence in the White House or his place on the 2004 ticket.
Apr 21, 2008 6:44 AM

Right, Wrong and Popular Opinion On Animal Abuse

Known progressive Katie Allison Granju counsels her urban compatriots not to be so quick to judge rural Tennesseans conceptions of what is and what is not animal abuse:
I also wonder whether the folks who seem to want to stigmatize the way farmers handle livestock ever eat meat or wear leather. Because if you really have a problem with “animal abuse,” the best place to focus your efforts on ending it would be the horrific large-scale, factory farming practices that are quickly replacing the small farm approach to livestock management that Tennessee’s rural communities have had as part of their culture for several centuries.
Apr 21, 2008 6:40 AM

Objectivism: It's The Journey, Not The Destination

Some thoughts on the nature of objective journalism in the wake of an Obama supporter breaking unfavorable news about her candidate:
We seem to agree that pure objectivity in journalism is impossible. I think we can also agree, however, that striving for as objective a news-gathering process as is possible still is noble and good. Contributing to candidates we are covering clearly threatens, even mocks that objective process. The fact that Fowler has been criticized both by media and by her fellow Obama supporters points to this inherent conflict, bringing to life the biblical paradox of trying to serve two masters.
Apr 21, 2008 6:39 AM

Instant Lame Duck

Gary Matthew Miller ponders the suggestion that John McCain should pledge only to serve one term:
I find myself torn on this notion. As a conservative I do not think (or do not want to think) of McCain as the future of the party. Four years spent rebuilding the Republican brand, making the tax cuts permanent, and replacing Stevens and Ginsburg on SCOTUS would constitute a wildly successful presidency in my estimation. McCain already says he is “older than dirt”. In 2012 he’ll be older than dirt +4 years. To pledge a single term may insure he wins in November with an ambivalent electorate. That said, declaring that you will only serve one term will embolden congressional Democrats to thwart legislation and bottle-up judges in committee.
Apr 21, 2008 6:31 AM

Message Force Multpliers

Brendan Loy links up to a New York Times expose on the men whose talking heads you see from time to time on the news giving you "independent" military analysis:
Hidden behind that appearance of objectivity, though, is a Pentagon information apparatus that has used those analysts in a campaign to generate favorable news coverage of the administration’s wartime performance, an examination by The New York Times has found. ... [C]ollectively, the...several dozen...military analysts represent more than 150 military contractors either as lobbyists, senior executives, board members or consultants. The companies include defense heavyweights, but also scores of smaller companies, all part of a vast assemblage of contractors scrambling for hundreds of billions in military business generated by the administration’s war on terror. It is a furious competition, one in which inside information and easy access to senior officials are highly prized. Records and interviews show how the Bush administration has used its control over access and information in an effort to transform the analysts into a kind of media Trojan horse — an instrument intended to shape terrorism coverage from inside the major TV and radio networks. ...
Apr 21, 2008 6:28 AM

On The Subject At Hand

Satcey Campfield takes on the critics of Republican legislators asserting that they did not as the media painted it, attempt to attach an English-only amendment to an unrelated sewer bill last week, they simply wished to add yet another worker safety issue to a worker safety bill:
The bill dealt with worker safety (although the left is now calling it a sewer bill). Matthew Hill's amendment dealt with worker safety (It is a safety issue if you can not understand the language people are speaking in some work situations). It was covered in the same caption of law dealing with worker safety (not sewers). It was a legal amendment. Done in the legal fashion. If they did not like the amendment or the system they can vote against the amendment or change the system. But the rules are the rules and have been for years.
SEE ALSO: Multilingual workplace can translate into opportunities.
Apr 21, 2008 6:27 AM