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The Rise Of The Obamacon

Bruce Barlett discusses the intellectual right's fascination with the Obama phenomenon:
Francis Fukuyama, the neoconservative theorist, recently told an Australian journalist that he would reluctantly vote for Obama to hold the Republican Party accountable "for a big policy failure" in Iraq. And he seems to view Obama as the best means for preserving American power, since Obama "symbolizes the ability of the United States to renew itself in a very unexpected way."

You can find similar sentiments coursing through the Boston University professor Andrew Bacevich's seminal Obamacon manifesto in The American Conservative. He believes that the war in Iraq has undermined the possibilities for conservative reform at home. The prospects for a conservative revival, therefore, depend on withdrawing from Iraq. Thus the necessity of Obama. "For conservatives, Obama represents a sliver of hope. McCain represents none at all. The choice turns out to be an easy one," Bacevich concludes.

Jun 12, 2008 3:17 PM

State Senator Lowe Finney Endorses Padgett For U.S. Senate

Following up yesterday's endorsement list which featured Shelby County Commisioner Sidney Chism, the Mike Padgett for Senate campaign is showing a bit of West Tennessee shake and bake action with the endorsement of Jackson's own State Senator Lowe Finney.
“Mike Padgett has visited 86 of the 95 counties in this state, showing Tennesseans what the people of Knox County already know,” Finney said. “That Mike is a public servant in the truest sense of the word – their concerns will be his mandate in the U.S. Senate. “Mike has heard the people of rural Tennessee talk about the struggles they face, and he has responded with a sound, innovative roadmap to put prosperity again within their reach."
For the East Tennessean Padgett to show these kinds of endorsements in West Tennessee is significant. In an a statewide primary with Bob Tuke, if Padgett can turn them out strong in his native East Tennessee and Chism and Finney can get out the African Americans of Memphis and the rural yellow dog whites of West Tennessee respectively, Padgett can concede Tuke's Middle Tennessee base and still come out golden. Senator Lowe Finney, a cousin to the McWherter family, was the incumbent slayer of 2006, taking out the party switching Don McCleary which was crucial in assuring that Democrats maintained an even split in the state Senate. Finney's campaign manager in that effort was Jed Brewer who currently manages the campaign of Mike Padgett. Along with this endorsement, the Padgett campaign released its policy paper for rural Tennessee called "TN 2.0: Rebuilding, From the Farm to the Front Porch.” The plan, populist in nature, contains a request for an $8.40 "living wage" while calling for tax relief and "eliminat[ing] the estate tax for 99.7 percent of estates." Padgett also pushes something called the "New Homestead Economic Opportunity Act" would help entrepreneurs starting a business in a rural area in population decline a federal match on money to start a small business. The plan pushes nuclear power as the campaign did in its energy plan but not as path to energy independence but as an avenue to good paying jobs for rural Tennesseans. As expected from an economic nationalist like Padgett, the plan explicitly decries our current trade deals calling for their renegotiation and offers the promise of rewards for companies who do not offshore or outsource although specifics seem to be lacking on this point. Will incentives to outsource just be removed or incentives to stay incountry be instituted? What would those be? The plan doesn't say. The plan does say that do to the current rate of displacement in rural area that unemployment benefit period would be extended and that the family farm needs protection. Padgett would enforce country-of-origin laws that require labels to show where food was raised and he would limit farm subsidies to $300,000 per person to prevent agribusiness from horning it. A rather ambitious proposal, all in all, for a fiscally conservative electorate. UPDATE: The Brainstem analysis of "The Plan."
Jun 12, 2008 2:29 PM

Watchdog Org That Filed Blackburn Complaint Often Targets Donors' Political Opponents

Roll Call via Truman:
But a review of entities against which CREW has filed complaints and information about its donors suggests that the organization may be guilty of the same practice — attacking groups and individuals who are the foes of CREW’s donors.
PREVIOUSLY: Watchdog group files complaint
Jun 12, 2008 2:00 PM

Ballot Box Poison

Stateline reports on the lengths states will go these days to avoid raising taxes:
At least 30 states so far have cobbled together budgets for the 2009 fiscal year that begins July 1 in most states. Many borrowed money, tapped their reserves or cut programs — anything to avoid raising taxes particularly in an election year that includes 11 gubernatorial contests and legislative races in 44 states.
Jun 12, 2008 1:30 PM

Brother McMullen

The new Oak Hill Commissioner celebrates his electoral victory:
As you have probably heard by now, I received 442 votes and Tommy Jacobs received 312 in the election on Tuesday. This was an overwhelming turnout for an election involving only one seat. The 757 citizens who voted almost matches the number that voted two years ago when five people were running for two seats. I am grateful for the support of so many of my neighbors. Mr. Jacobs ran a strong campaign, and I appreciate the good wishes and support that he offered after the results were announced. I’m looking forward to serving Oak Hill on the Board of Commissioners and working to realize the hopes and dreams that so many of you shared with me. I will be sworn in at the Board of Commissioners meeting on Thursday, June 19.
Jun 12, 2008 1:30 PM

Rep. Dan Kuykendall, RIP

The man who many assumed may very well be the last white man, and who likely will be the last white Republican, to hold Tennessee's Ninth District Congressional seat has died:
Mr. Kuykendall was one of the architects of the Shelby County Republican Party in the 1960s, the building of which led to the emergence of a highly competitive two-party system across Tennessee. Shelby County’s conservative Republicans combined with East Tennessee traditional GOP in 1966 to send Howard Baker to Washington as the first popularly elected Republican senator from Tennessee and, four years later, to elect Winfield Dunn as the state’s first GOP governor in 50 years. Dunn was an early ally of Mr. Kuykendall, Memphis lawyer Lewis R. Donelson and others in building the Shelby GOP.
SEE ALSO: The Daily Docket
Jun 12, 2008 12:51 PM

End Times Prophecy

It would seem that, to White Supremacists, Obama in the presidency would be akin to war in the Middle East for a certain breed of evangelical. Evidence that the end is near. From David Duke:

“Obama will be a signal, a clear signal for millions of our people,” Duke wrote in an essay entitled “A Black Flag for White America” last week. “Obama is like that new big dark spot on your arm that finally sends you to the doctor for some real medicine. … Obama is the pain that let’s [sic] your body know that something is dreadfully wrong. Obama will let the American people know that there is a real cancer eating away at the heart of our country and Republican aspirin will not only not cure it, but only masks the pain and makes you think you don’t need radical surgery. … My bet is that whether Obama wins or loses in November, millions of European Americans will inevitably react with new awareness of their heritage and the need for them to defend and advance it.”

Jun 12, 2008 12:40 PM

Helping The Narrative

Each presidential candidate has members of his own party sitting on the fence -- but Obama's fence sitters are more problematic:
The Daniel Borens of the world ultimately help drive a core Republican message that Obama is too liberal even for moderate Democrats.   I'm not sure what good Democrats can get from holding up a Tom Tancredo other than to remind Hispanic voters that McCain is more of a pragmatist on immigration.  And McCain would probably welcome it being noted that Don Young, father of the Bridge to Nowhere, is sitting on his hands.   The best angle for Obama would be to highlight Walter Jones, a conservative who has soured on the war.  But then McCain would gladly talk about Iraq and national security instead of being forced onto domestic terrain.
Jun 12, 2008 12:31 PM

BHO The Two

Sean Braisted reveals that Barack Obama's birth certificate has surface debunking urban myths that the certificate would reveal Obama's name, religion or race would not be as previously assumed.  SEE ALSO: Barack Obama is not an Arab
Jun 12, 2008 11:38 AM

Bristol Herald Courier Jerks

Angelia gives a reminder to the staff of Rep. David Davis on the wonders of Google.
Jun 12, 2008 11:26 AM