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Smack That

Instapundit says "in Tennessee there's a good argument that parents would have a right to spank under the state constitution. "
Jun 16, 2008 7:30 AM

Davidson County GOP Straw Poll Results

Below are the results of the Davidson County Republican Party's Picnic Straw Poll conducted June 14, 2008. GOP Vice-Presidential Preference Mitt Romney 34% J. C. Watts 17% Bobby Jindal 11.3% Tim Pawlenty 9.4% Haley Barbour 7.5% Charlie Crist 7.5% Mark Sanford 5.7% Jeb Bush 3.8% Michael Bloomberg 1.9% Carly Fiorina 1.9% Mike Huckabee 0% 5th Congressional District Primary Gerald Donovan 67% Vijay Kumar 33% 7th District Marsha Blackburn - 96% Tom Leatherwood 4% 52nd State House District Mike Stewart 67% Dan Scott 30,% Eric Stansell 3%. Whom would be the strongest GOP Gubernatorial candidate? Bill Frist - 59% Marsha Blackburn - 25% Beth Harwell - 7% Bill Haslam - 5% Bill Gibbons - 2% Ron Ramsey - 2% Zack Wamp - 0% Whom would be the strongest Democratic Gubernatorial candidate? Lincoln Davis - 35% Harold Ford, Jr. 33% Bob Clement - 13% Bill Purcell - 9% Matt Kisber - 3% Kim McMillan - 5% Do you support the sale of wine in grocery stores? Yes 88% No 12% English First in Metro Yes - 89% No 11% Direct Election Of The Lt. Governor In Favor 76% Opposed 24% Direct Election of the Secretary of State In Favor 74% Opposed 26% Should Tennessee Judges Be Elected? Elected 85% Appointed 15% SEE ALSO: Photos from the event.
Jun 16, 2008 7:29 AM

Endorsement Intrigue In The Race For A Nomination Noone Wanted

The Nashville City Paper notes some impressive endorsements going the way of U.S. Democratic Senate candidate Mike Padgett:
Speculation is that the endorsements of Padgett may signal more of a slap against Tuke for what wounds he may have created as party chairman than any great groundswell of support for Padgett.
SEE ALSO: Tuke's endorsements Truman Bean
Jun 16, 2008 7:28 AM

Dropping A Challenge

From the Executive Director of the Tennessee Ethics Commission.
No one can deny that the public may always remain skeptical about ethics reform. However, I welcome anyone to review the commission's Web site or attend a public commission meeting and decide for themselves whether the ethics reforms have been successful in fostering an enhanced ethical climate in Tennessee.
Jun 16, 2008 7:21 AM

A Gubernatorial Candidate Announces His Intentions

Jackson Baker reports that Shelby County District Attorney General Bill Gibbons will run for Tennessee's Governor in 2010 if...
Whatever course the others may take, Gibbons is explicit about one thing: "If Frist runs, I'll support him!" But he's equally insistent that, otherwise, he's in the running. "I make no bones about it. I'm a candidate," he said at Saturday's "Bob Patterson Barbecue" event, sponsored by the Shelby County Young Republicans and held at Kirby Farms in honor of the late Trustee, who died unexpectedly early this year.
SEE ALSO: Richard Locker profiles the candidate. The Associated Press reports MediaVerse discusses
Jun 16, 2008 7:12 AM

Hatin' On Marsha

Tim Chavez takes on what he sees as hypocrisy by Congressman Marsha Blackburn:
Blackburn is a political hypocrite of the worst kind. If she is re-elected, she will return to Congress severely compromised for her apparent failure to properly report campaign contributions in a timely manner by FEC rules. Her effectiveness for the people of the 7th District such as myself will be curtailed, and rightly so. Even for Congress, her failures are beyond blush. And they are reminiscent of the financial difficulties she had as head of the state film office. We had been warned.
Jun 16, 2008 7:09 AM

Barack Rocks Fathers' Day

Barack Obama gives a Fathers Day address that only he could give:
"You know, just this past week I stopped by an eighth-grade graduation for a young woman's charter school, wonderful school. And here was all the pomp and all the circumstance and parents were all bringing flowers. And I thought to myself, well this is nice that we're celebrating. But you know what — this is just the eighth grade. You know, when I see sometimes these eighth-grade graduations, i want to remind people, now hold on a second — this is just eighth-grade. So let's not go over the top. Let's not have a huge party. Let's just give them a handshake and tell them, 'Ok, now you're going to ninth grade, and then 10th grade, then you're going to graduate, then your going to college, maybe you'll get a PhD, maybe you'll get a law degree, maybe you'll get a medical degree.' It's just eighth grade. Don't get carried away with that eighth-grade graduation. You're supposed to graduate from the eighth grade."
SEE ALSO: Instapundit Sean Braisted Read A Book
Jun 16, 2008 7:08 AM

Peebles For Prez

Join the grassroots effort for the Tennessean reporter's presidential effort.
Jun 16, 2008 7:00 AM

Tennessee Bloggers Make The Paper

Left Wing Cracker in the Memphis Commercial Appeal:
He worked on his first political campaign in 1976 for state senator Jim White and has been active in at least one campaign every election season since. Spending an average of two to three hours online every day, he visits The New York Times online and political blogs like dailykos.com and openleft.com. "I'm less reliant on the mainstream media," Steffens said. "Blogs have a harder edge."
R. Neal in the Knoxville News Sentinel:
Blogging is the 21st century version of … ? Early American pamphleteers, 1940s government propaganda, 1950s tabloids, 1960s underground newspapers, that crazy guy hollering on the corner of Market Square, unhinged radio talk shows, Cas Walker's Watchdog, the annual holiday family letter from your wife's cousin updated daily, letters to the editor without the letters or the editor, Edward R. Murrow bucking the corporate media system - all that and lots more.
The Tennessean:
Jun 16, 2008 6:56 AM

Fred Is No Vice

Former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson reiterates his disinterest in the Vice-presidency:
Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson says he's not interested in being the GOP vice presidential candidate. Thompson spoke on ABC's "This Week" on Sunday. Thompson said the presumptive Republican nominee, U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona, hasn't offered him the job. But, Thompson said, he's not interested in the position.
Jun 16, 2008 6:48 AM