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Flying Delta

If you're of a mind to see poverty and depair, Charley Reese invites you to experience it "staycation style":
Politicians and celebrities with an urge to see black poverty only need to visit the Mississippi Delta or some of the neighborhoods in American cities. If they yearn for more exotic poverty, all they have to do is visit the Indian reservations that do not have casinos. Any disease they are hot to trot to cure can be found right here in the good old U.S.A. Depressed economic conditions? We have them. Crumbling infrastructure? We have that, too. Hunger? Yes, that too. Inflation and weak currency? Present right here. Corruption? Our politicians can hold their own in that dubious category. Orphans? There are plenty of those, too. There is simply no need to travel to find problems. Any bad or sad thing you wish to see you can see here in the U.S.
Jul 24, 2008 9:46 AM

Rich Versus Reward

The write-in candidate for school board in District 9 shares a link brought to him by a former blogger:
Martin Kennedy, an economist who lives in District 9, shared this article on families and schools by Economics Professor Caroline Hoxby. Hoxby uses data to show that parents are much more likely to be involved in their schools when their involvement is rewarding. State and local boards of education can significantly increase parental involvement by giving more parents real choices in education, and by increasing school level autonomy.
Jul 24, 2008 9:42 AM

Why You Got So Much Bushie Up On The Wall?

Politico reports:
Of course, most senators are not trying to make a statement about Bush with their wall art. They are making a statement about themselves. It might be something partisan like, “I’m a proud Republican.” (Often, the messages can be filed under “Reagan, Ronald W., worship of.”) Or it might be, “I’m from Colorado.” Or, “Look at this, I once caught a big fish.” The Politico office tour yielded other discoveries: Tennessee Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander’s walls are overlaid with artifacts on loan from the Museum of Appalachia. Iowa Democratic Sen. Tom Harkin’s office has a popcorn machine and smells of buttery deliciousness. But it was the inventory of Bush photos that produced the most surprises. With a grand total of four pictures, Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd — a fierce critic of the administration on the campaign trail — sports more photos of the president than any other Democratic senator.
Jul 24, 2008 9:06 AM

Progressively Worse

Kay Brooks thinks she knows why liberals aren't flocking to support a Music Row property owner whose pancel is being threatened by eminent domain:
If only they could reveal that a Wal-Mart is going in there---it'd be the fourth ace in their hand. It's easier to rally support for saving trees and undeveloped land than it is Joy Ford's concrete block office surrounded by asphalt and chain link. What they fail to understand is that if Miss Joy doesn't win--they won't win in Bell's Bend either.
SEE ALSO: Enclave
Jul 24, 2008 9:03 AM

Brooking No Naifeh Republicans

Say Uncle issues his endorsement in the race for state Senate District 8:
His opponent is Doug Overbey, whose cheesy mug you see all over the city, my the city. Overbey is running on a conservative leadership platform and pointing out that he’s a lifelong Republican, 100% pro-life, and all second amendment rights. Unfortunately, Doug Overbey lost all credibility on two of those claims when he crossed party lines to vote for Jimmy Naifeh as speaker of the house. Jimmy Naifeh, you’ll recall, is our lying speaker of the house who keeps abusing his power to kill pro-gun bills. I’ll be voting Finney.
Jul 24, 2008 8:40 AM

She Likes Wamp's Words Like A Fat Kid Loves Cake

KAG gives Rep. Zach Wamp kudos for his criticisms of No Child Left Behind:
He’s 100% correct that at a time when rates of obesity, diabetes, depression and other maladies are on the rise among our kids, we need to be getting them up and moving their bodies in a vigorous way every single day. Plus, as he pointed out, kids who don’t stretch and play and take a little break from sitting in a seat being tested all day aren’t very effective learners. Active bodies make for active minds.
Jul 24, 2008 8:37 AM

Favors For Friends

Jama Oliver isn't buying Rep. Kent Williams defense of his acceptance of campaign donation from a member across the aisle:
Would I donate money to a friend of mine from the other side of the aisle? Absolutely not - not unless they weren’t really on the other side of the aisle. I have some good friends - people that I love talking with and with whom I have lots in common other than political views - that I would never, ever, want elected to public office. Why? Because I am so vehemently opposed to their political world views. Friendship has nothing to do with it. I’m “friends” with David Davis, and I’m sure we agree on some issues, but I’m not going to vote for him much less give money to his campaign…so what gives?
Jul 24, 2008 8:34 AM

At Large

From the Commercial Appeal:
FedEx founder Frederick W. Smith will be an at-large delegate at the Republican National Convention in September and Memphian John Ryder will serve on the convention’s Rules Committee, the Tennessee Republican Party announced Tuesday.
Jul 24, 2008 8:23 AM

We're Still Talking About Bredesen Here, Right?

Chris Sanders isn't understanding the Republican tactics in state House District 20:
If you don't want to attack your fellow Republicans in a primary and you don't want to run on President Bush's economic record, maybe all you can do is run against the Governor. But trying to label him a big spender and anti-growth is pretty counterintuitive.
Jul 24, 2008 8:21 AM

Frankly, He's Heard Better Ideas

Sarcastro on Mitt Romney as Veep:
First off, and of least importance, Romney doesn’t deliver.  Anything.  Of the states he won in the primaries, he might bring you Maine and Colorado.  All the rest are either going to go to Obama or McCain would have won those regardless.  Hell, Romney can’t even deliver Utah.  Those folks didn’t even believe blacks were could go to heaven until, well, it no longer became convenient. Seems to be a running theme with those people. Which means blacks were no longer the accursed descendants of Cain sometime during the Carter Administration. If Pol Pot was running as the Republican nominee, he would get at least 250 thousand votes in Utah.
Jul 24, 2008 8:17 AM