Adams and Ball get heated


U.S. Senate Candidates Terry Adams and Gordon Ball appeared separately on Nashville’s Inside Politics, hosted by Pat Nolan, which broadcast this weekend. In what appeared to be a meltdown of sorts, Ball made false statements about Terry Adams and several statements that were oddly incongruous.

Ball stated that Adams had only registered to vote in 2005 when in fact Adams has been registered to vote in Tennessee since 1988, the year he turned 18.

Ball continued his name calling of Adams, attacking him as a “Left Wing Liberal” then almost immediately claimed that Adams voted for more Republicans that Ball. Ball’s comments are certainly not logical or true. Does Ball think Adams is too Liberal or too Conservative? Ball’s accusations also do not comport with the fact that Ball himself publically endorsed Lamar Alexander and Bill Haslam against the Democratic nominees the two Republicans were running against. Ball has publically admitted his support for many other Republicans stating that “in Cocke County, Tennessee that was all there was to vote for”.

Ball continued his baseless claims that he is more qualified to be the Democratic nominee and is the only one of the two that can beat Alexander. The Knoxville News Sentinel and the Chattanooga Times Free Press endorsed Adams, stating that it was Adams who had the better chance against Alexander. It is Ball’s electability that has come into question in an article by former U.S. Ambassador Victor Ashe and reported on by veteran reporter Tom Humphrey.

Adams said, “Gordon Ball owes the people of Tennessee an apology. Lying about my voting history is indefensible and Gordon should be ashamed of himself. This is exactly the kind of politics I got into this race to eradicate. Ball’s continued comments that he is the only person qualified for the nomination is a slap in the face to every veteran and every small business person in this state. Ball declined the opportunity to wear this nation’s uniform and now he says someone who did is not qualified to serve in the United States Senate. It is shameful. Ball owes and apology to the 500,000 veterans in this state and to every person working to make a payroll”.