Today in Tennessee's ACA woes...

While the feds have given the state 10 days to address certain issues with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the governor plans a sit down with the new HHS secretary.

Center for Medicaid and CHIP Services director Cindy Mann outlined six areas in which TennCare is noncompliant with ACA requirements, including the ability to process applications, respond to inquiries and verify eligibility. A chief concern is the state's uncompleted computer system, a $35 million project that would streamline enrollment based on federal requirements.

"CMS has engaged with Tennessee on multiple occasions to express concerns about the continued delays in implementing [the Tennessee Eligibility Determination Systems] and the downstream impact those delays are having on the state's ability to enroll eligible individuals," Mann wrote in a letter to TennCare director Darin Gordon.

City a pattern of delays, Mann formally requested the state provide an updated plan outlining TennCare's plan to achieve compliance within 10 days.

"The state has repeatedly expressed reluctance to deploy resources toward adopting mitigation solutions for in-state applications," she said. TennCare has been directing applicants to the federal marketplace in lieu of implementing its own system, which Mann called a "short-term measure, not a long-term solution."