John Ray Clemmons goes on the air

John Ray Clemmons is up with his first TV ad (see it here) in his bid to primary Gary Odom:

We launched the first television commercial of my campaign today by highlighting the sharp contrast between my proven record and beliefs and the inconsistent record of 28-year incumbent Gary Odom.
            The spot, entitled “New Beginning,” began airing today on television in Nashville and will air through Election Day on August 7th.
I am a progressive Democrat. I have proven that through my actions as a neighborhood and non-profit leader and advocate for progressive causes and issues in the 55th District. I am proud to have been appointed to positions of trust by former Governor Phil Bredesen and Mayor Karl Dean.
            It is time for change in the 55th District.
            After 28 years in office, Gary Odom has lost his way. Odom can’t serve two masters by claiming to represent “Democratic values” on one hand while using his influence as a lobbyist to funnel money to the campaigns of Republican and Tea Party legislators who are diametrically opposed to the values of the 55th District.
            The Republican and Tea Party legislators that Odom supports tried to put guns in our parks and restaurants. They want to control our elected school board. They want to decide what the future of our city looks like. They have refused to expand Medicaid or to participate in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. Perhaps most troubling, many of these Tea Party legislators have filed bills that constitute a “war on women” by refusing to address income inequality and trying to interfere with their personal health care decisions.
            I will be a strong, progressive voice in the state legislature for the people of the 55th District. I will fight the Tea Party in Tennessee and oppose the influence they want to exert on local issues in Nashville.
Nashville was built by progressive leaders. I will stand up to the Tea Party legislature interfering with our city’s future.