How is Weston Wamp working?

If Weston Wamp is on paid leave — as one of the principals at his employer says — it could be a campaign contribution and probably a heap of trouble. If he is working remotely — as he himself and another partner claim — then he's golden.

On July 3, after announcing a $300,000 personal contribution to the Character Counts PAC to help Wamp's campaign, Lamp Post founder Allan Davis said Wamp had been on paid leave since he hit the campaign trail in January. And when asked Tuesday, Davis again said Wamp was on paid leave.

But Jack Studer, also a Lamp Post partner, said Davis was mistaken.

"We don't have a paid leave status -- he's not in it. If there is one, I want to get in. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal," Studer said. "Allan is obviously one of our founders and does great work here, but he's not a detail guy."