Joe Carr on Common Core (again)

Joe Carr has Common Core in his teeth:


Today, Representative Joe Carr challenged Senator Lamar Alexander to give Tennessee parents a “yes or no” answer on whether he supports Common Core.  On Monday, Senator Alexander acknowledged that he is avoiding talking about Common Core by saying with a laugh, “I always choose my words carefully” after being asked by a reporter why he never uses the words “Common Core.” (Knoxville Sentinel, 5/13/14)

Senator Alexander has recently made dismissive comments regarding Common Core to local media.  After standing with Common Core champions, Governor Bill Haslam and Jeb Bush, at a pro-Common Core educational event, the best answer he could give was, “Let’s don’t talk about Common Core.” (The Jackson Sun, 3/22/14)    
“There aren’t many issues that are more personal and important than the education our children receive,” responded State Rep. Joe Carr (R-TN).  “If Senator Alexander can’t give a ‘yes or no’ answer about something this important - he’s simply out-of-touch with this community.  I think people here are tired of the typical D.C. way of doing things.  They want candor.  They want direct answers.  They don’t want someone playing politics with education.”

“How is it possible that the senior Senator from Tennessee can’t give Tennessee parents a ‘yes or no’ answer about the future of their kids’ education?” asked Carr.  “We have a responsibility to lead and leadership begins with declaring, without equivocation, a concrete position.  I am fighting to repeal Common Core and I’d like to know if Senator Alexander will join that fight or not.”