New stuff has come to light

More emails from the state on Volkswagen's potential expansion of its Chattanooga plant and the United Auto Workers' efforts to organize the workers there.

Hit it, Phil:

But emails leaked to NewsChannel 5 Investigates -- emails that the state had refused to release -- show Volkswagen lawyers had actually drawn up papers for a potential deal to bring more than a thousand new jobs to Tennessee, but it was the Haslam administration who pulled the plug on the incentives it had offered in August 2013.

"A number of circumstances have changed or occurred since we delivered the August 23rd materials," Tennessee Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bill Hagerty emailed a top Volkswagen executive on Jan. 31. "The August 2013 incentive summary does not account for these changes and is no longer relevant."

That came the same day that a Hagerty aide emailed Volkswagen's representatives to thank them for submitting a proposed Memorandum of Understanding -- the formality necessary for the automaker to close the deal.