Ramsey expects frustration from long wait to buy wine with groceries

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey’s signature on the wine-in-grocery stores law had barely dried before he told reporters Thursday he thinks lawmakers may feel pressure to move up the date when people start shopping for bubbly in their supermarkets.

“When people have a referendum in November and realize when they go to the grocery store in December to buy their wine for Christmas they won’t be able to buy it for another year and a half,” Ramsey said, “that will end up being a political problem for a lot of people, in my opinion.”

Grocery stores were willing to give the lengthy lead time to liquor stores in order to get the bill passed, delaying their wine sales until July 2016 but allowing liquor stores to begin selling goods like beer and cigarettes July of this year. Ramsey said he’s always seen that delay as a political problem and said he sees lawmakers wanting to move up the start date at least six months, although added it will not be a part of his own legislative agenda.

“They’ll be lined up to file that, that’s just my prediction,” Ramsey said.