Haslam: It's premature to think about second-term cabinet

As frustration with Gov. Bill Haslam’s education commission continues, the governor said he’s yet to have talks with his cabinet about who will stay or go in a second term.

“I honestly think Commissioner Huffman is one of the very best education commissioners in the country. Period. I honestly feel that. I would love to have him around. The whole question about who’s going to stay for the second term, that’s a whole other issue. We’ve got 23 commissioners, six or seven members of the governor’s staff. First of all, I have to get re-elected. Second, we’ll have the discussions about who wants to stay and who all that fits with.”

That’s assuming he’s re-elected, although no credible opponent has filed to oppose him. Although, he does face frustrated former wild raccoon owner Mark “Coonrippy” Brown of Gallatin.   

“You comfortable you can beat Coonrippy in the primary?” a reporter asked Haslam. 

“We’ll have to see,” he laughed.