Both speakers expect guns bill on floor with tweaks

Both speakers said they expect a bill revoking local government’s rights to ban guns in their parks will make it to the floor, but hinted they may make provisions for children’s parks.

“I’m about to incriminate myself here, I guess,” said Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey told a room of reporters, editors and publishers at a conference hosted by the The Associated Press - Tennessee Press Association.

“I do keep a firearm in my pickup truck. I have a gun carry permit. There are crazy people out there. And I do. I suppose if I went by Steele Creek Park in Bristol, I’m supposed to take it out, and leave it at the house, or leave it laying at the curb as you go in and come out. It’s about common sense. At it is about 400,000 people who have gone through a background check, have a fingerprints on file, have proven they’re not criminals. Only those,” he said.

Asked to detail how she feels about the idea, Harwell said, “I believe it is a constitutional right. And what he just said, we’re not letting all people carry guns in parks. And there some parks that don’t have children’s facilities, two of them are in my district. Percy warner, etceteria. We’ll continue to work through it and we’ll have it on the floor. I predict we will.”