Haslam skipping presidential visit to McGavock

Gov. Bill Haslam will not attend the president's speech in Nashville because he'll be attending economic development meetings in another state, according to his spokesman. 

The governor told reporters Wednesday he hopes to welcome the president to Tennessee at the airport, but won’t have time to stick around for President Obama’s speech at McGavock High School in the afternoon.

“Their schedule is still changing. I have a commitment later in the afternoon, so I definitely can be there so long as they stick to their schedule for when he arrives at the airport,” said Haslam.

Haslam spokesman Dave Smith said the governor “has ECD meetings out of state,” but did not respond to a request late Wednesday seeking details about where the governor was going and with whom he was meeting.

Details about who the governor meets with have been kept hidden from reporters since the beginning of his term. Requests to review the governor’s calendar have been repeatedly rejected by his administration citing “deliberative process privilege.” Governors in other states have made their schedules available for public inspection.