John Jay Hooker...again?

Could John Jay Hooker run for governor again?

“I’ve been thinking about it, but the truth is I don’t want to run,” he said. “ I’m bored with it…disenchanted with politics… I’m too old. I’m tired.”

Still, Hooker, 83, said he is not flatly ruling out the possibility. Noting a state law allowing a nominee to step aside for health reasons, Hooker said that he has thought of running with the notion of then resigning the nomination. That would allow the state Democratic Executive Committee to chose a substitute nominee.

“I rather start me an organization, rent me a bus and go around in these counties as a friend of the (state) constitution” opposing the judicial selection amendment that will be on November’s ballot, said Hooker. “Some of the Republican legislators have told me that they would join me on that.”