Alexander a no on Syria

U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander will vote against a military strike in Syria because there's too much uncertainty over what comes next, he told reporters Monday.

Before addressing the Nashville Rotary Club at the Wildhorse Saloon, he pointed to risk that the strike would set off a chain of events that could rope Americans in another Middle East conflict.

"I will vote no because I see too much uncertainty about what comes next," he said. "I see too much risk that a military strike could do more harm than good."

State Rep. Joe Carr, Alexander's declared 2014 Republican primary opponent, chastised the senator in a statement earlier today for staying silent on the issue.

"All we hear from Senator Alexander on this issue is crickets. I think the state of Tennessee is demanding, and will get, someone who is going to show leadership,” Rep. Carr said.

Asked about the criticism, Alexander said Carr can "say whatever he likes."