TNDP Squabble: Top finance committee members resign

I'm sure the party was a lot of fun, but Action Andy has the real story of the weekend from the Tennessee Democratic Party:

Rebellious Democratic State Executive Committee critics on Saturday pummeled the former state senator with complaints, questions and criticisms over his executive style and some decisions during their first meeting since his contested election as chairman in January.

During the meeting, the Finance Committee chairman, Jerry Maynard, of Nashville, and vice chairwoman, Mary Patterson, of Mount Juliet, resigned, citing disagreements with Herron.


And more:

State House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner, of Nashville, is unhappy that the party is isn't using a particular national database used to target voters.

Executive Committee member Sylvia Woods questioned whether Herron's figures for Jackson Day fundraising included money that normally would be flowing into the party. If so, the fundraising total would be inflated, she said.

"Some of the folks on the executive committee who didn't vote for me or wonder whether this is real or not," Herron said in an interview later. "I understand that and respect that. We'll show them all the numbers and they can decide. The finance director knows that -- he was Chip's guy."

The chairman noted Saturday's meeting was the first since his election "and there were those who were for me and those who were for somebody else [Dave Garrison]. I think we'll move past this. There'll be some questioning and folks will have to see to believe and we'll show them ... these [Democrats] are people who care passionately."