Haslam: 'Arbitrary' federal shutdown is inappropriate

While Gov. Bill Haslam expects reports from his commissioners by day’s end detailing how a pending federal government shutdown would affect Tennessee, he said Congress' considering of such a move is the wrong thing to do.

“Let me say this, I don’t think it’s an appropriate action for the federal government to have gotten to this point,” said Haslam when asked if "this is an appropriate action for the House Republicans to be taking."

The governor said, “I’m one of those who believes the government has to quit spending way more than it’s bringing in, but this is not the way to do that. Just to have an arbitrary shutdown in government that’s going to impact services, like I said in a non-discriminant way, is not the way to do it.”

If a spending plan is not passed by midnight Monday, federal government agencies and programs considered non-essential will close.

Locally, Haslam said the state is worried the shutdown could halt the federally-funded SNAP program that provides food stamps. He said he expects the reports from his department commissioners this afternoon.