This 'governed with conservative principles' is going to be a thing, right?

Chip Saltsman resigns from Joe Carr's campaign now that Joe Carr is running for something else:

Dear Joe,

Having learned of your decision to run for the United States Senate, I must resign from your campaign. I signed up to help you run for Congress, not the Senate.

I have been a longtime supporter of Senator Alexander for many reasons, and I will continue to be a strong supporter. When I was Party Chairman in 2000, nobody believed we could beat Al Gore in his home state, but Lamar Alexander worked hard to make sure Al Gore would not, and did not, win his home state. Lamar traveled across the state to help candidates win local, state, and federal races. Most importantly, though, Lamar always told me if conservatives worked hard, and governed effectively, we would soon control state government. And he was right! Due to the hard work of Lamar Alexander, and because he stayed true to his conservative ideals, our state has no income tax, great roads with no debt, and an economy that is the envy of most states.

It is because of Lamar Alexander that people like you have the honor of serving in the majority of the state legislature. It is because of Lamar Alexander that our children and grandchildren go to better schools, and are able to compete for better jobs. It is because of Lamar Alexander that we live in a state people want to move to, start a family in, start a business in, and even retire to. I am honored to support Lamar Alexander for re-election.