Lamar loves fish and money

Lamar had a big 2Q haul and now he wants you to know he saved your favorite fishing spot.

He endorsed Mitt, so why are

He endorsed Mitt, so why are people so shocked that Rand endorsed Lamar?
Why doesn't he demand Lamar take him out of the ad? Because he, just like Lamar, is a political Hack that will do anything and say anything to get elected.

False implication by

False implication by him
Senator Lamar Alexander  twists Senator Rand Paul's words by taking them out of context and making it appear as if Senator Paul had endorsed his reelection bid. Senator Paul has made no such endorsement of Mr. Alexander's reelection effort. This false implication by Senator Alexander of an endorsement from Senator Paul is misleading at best.

The bigger question is why Senator Alexander feels the need to purchase $180,000 worth of advertising well over a year prior to election day, especially given that he does not currently face any viable opposition. This smells of desperation to stave off a serious primary challenger because polling data has indicated that Senator Alexander would be very vulnerable if a viable primary candidate were to emerge against Senator Alexander.

Here are Rand's words about Sen Alexander in full context; obviously NOT an endorsement of Lamar:

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