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Lamar Alexander, continuing his run of bellicose metaphors, says he's going to win this Senate race Colin Powell-style, shock and awe style.

  GOP senators stave off


GOP senators stave off primary foes

Lamar Alexander has an inventive way of fending off potential primary foes, one that could be a model for GOP incumbents running in 2014.

Drop by their house for iced tea.

Just ask Monty Lankford, who threatened to challenge Alexander in a 2014 primary. On a recent afternoon, the Tennessee Republican met Lankford’s family at their home outside of Nashville, then sat down with his one-time foe for iced tea and cheese and crackers. The result: Lankford joined Alexander’s campaign team as its co-chairman and a chief fundraiser...

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Gen. Colin Powell - "I Tried To Avoid This War."

“I’m running a Colin Powell military operation,” Alexander says in an interview with Politico posted Sunday, “which is assemble an overwhelming force, focus on a single target and have the stomach to see it all the way through to the end.”

I suppose that this actually means is that when the Vietnam War era piano player and chickenhawk U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander says that he is going to run a Colin Powell shock and awe military operation, it actually means that Lamar is going to be hiding behind his desk in Washington, D.C. and watching the 2014 Tennessee election campaign unfold over his widescreen television.



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