Campfield in his own words

Jefe has the transcript of Stacey Campfield's gaggle appearance.

To wit:

"Literally both chairman have said we’re really going to do this. The lieutenant governor has said we’re really going to do this. This is not a dead issue at all. This is maybe a slight detour but honestly I think this could make it a better product."


Minutes ago, the Senator himself posted:

After session as I drove home half bummed out, half hopeful, I was listening to the Mike Huckabee show and guess what topic got brought up? The great changes congress made in the 80s on welfare reform. I was half hearted listening when the conversation shifted to what needed to be done to our current welfare system and a great new idea coming out of Tennessee regarding TANF benefits.

My ears picked up.

They said after the break they were going to talk with the Tennessee sponsor of the bill. It sort of threw me  because my house sponsor (Vance Dennis) said he didn't want to handle the media at all on the legislation and I knew I wasn't on the phone with the station so I was wondering what was going on. After the break they played the interview I did with NPR and former US Congressman J.D. Hayworth RAVED THE BILL for about 20 minutes saying it was one of the most fair and reasonable bills he had seen since he helped Newt pass welfare reform in the 80s.

The change in the federal welfare program was in the 90s when Gingrich was Speaker, by the way.