Ron's for Jim

Ron Ramsey gives full marks to Jim Tracy's Congressional bid:

As evidence of the continued momentum behind Jim Tracy’s bid for the United States Congress in Tennessee’s 4th District, his campaign today announced support from Tennessee Leaders in his hometown of Shelbyville. Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, Rep. Pat Marsh and may local business leaders are coming together Thursday, March 7 at Tanya and David Coffey’s home to show their support of Senator Jim Tracy’s Congressional bid.

Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey stated, "I support my friend Jim Tracy for Congress wholeheartedly and without reservation. Conservatives will have no better friend in Washington than Jim Tracy. Jim's conservatism doesn't reside only in his policy positions and public pronouncements; it lives in his heart and is embedded deep in his character. Jim and I have fought side by side for years in the State Senate for balanced budgets, low taxes and pro-life values. I can't wait for Jim to bring his Tennessee wisdom to Washington."