TFA says the Establishment hates the Constitution. Also Courtney Rogers reminds you that Dikembe is Congolese, because that's relevant

The TFA accuses Harwell, Haslam and Ramsey of stomping on the constitution and passes along a missive from Rep. Courtney Rogers wherein she shows a surprising knowledge of awesome NBA centers, though the whole digression is unnecessary:

Rep. Rick Womick had also planned to speak. We both had our hands up — I stood up — even shouted, but the gavel beat me. It was like the Geico commercial where Mutombo (from the Congo that last played for the Houston Rockets), slams a box of cereal out of the hands of the kid trying to throw it in the shopping cart and then waves his finger at him.

The TFA like the 1st plank of

The TFA like the 1st plank of the Communist Manifesto, Destroy Private Property Rights.


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