So which laws do I get to ignore?

In this WPLN piece about guns-in-trunks, Jeremy Faison admits he's a lawbreaker:

Parking lots with weapons in glove boxes include the grounds of the state capitol. Faison admits to keeping firearms in his vehicle while in Nashville.

“I’m not ashamed of it. I’ll tell anybody that,” he says. “I’ll tell the highway patrol. Listen, that’s just part of life.”

Faison, however, would still be breaking the law even if his legislation passes, at least as written now. While the Cocke County representative says he’s “carried a gun all my life.” He says he’s never sent in the paperwork for his handgun permit.

“One day I’ll probably get caught if I don’t get a permit, and I’ll get in trouble,” he says.

Faison should resign. If you

Faison should resign. If you are a legislature and break the law on purpose, you are a hypocrite and a lawbreaker.  Vote NO on Guns On PRIVATE PROPERTY bill.

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