Cohen tells all, TNGOP doesn't apologize

The mysterious co-ed to whom Steve Cohen was sending what appeared to be flirtatious text messages is, in fact, his daughter. The flirtations were, in fact, the kind of sweet things a dad says to his daughter:

Victoria Elizabeth Brink, who used her Twitter account to write that she was seeing Cohen in the House Chamber on television Tuesday night, is also the daughter of a Texas criminal defense lawyer, Cynthia White Sinatra, who ran for Congress in 2006 against Ron Paul.

The Memphis Democrat publicly acknowledged his daughter for the first time after receiving permission from her family.

"What's going on is that Victoria was able to talk to the gentleman who thought he was her father for these years and tell him what she has known for four years and I've known for three – that I was her father," Cohen said from his office.

"That allowed me to let the news media know that the woman I had texted and expressed my love for over several years is my daughter," he said. "That is not only entirely appropriate but the right thing to have done."

The TNGOP's initial response to the Cohen tweets was this:

Tennessee Republican Party Executive Director Brent Leatherwood issued the following statement regarding Congressman Steve Cohen's recent misuse of Twitter.

"It is very disappointing that Rep. Cohen would use his official Congressional Twitter account, which taxpaying constituents rely on for news and updates from their congressman, to send personal and unnecessarily revealing messages to college co-eds. Apparently, we have our own Weiner of the South.

"It is obvious that Representative Cohen understands his actions and messages were inappropriate and should not have been sent through his official Congressional Twitter account, or else he would have never deleted them in the first place.

"You would think that after Rep. Weiner, was forced to resign due to his inappropriate behavior and use of his official Congressional Twitter account, that members of Congress would hold themselves to a higher standard of conduct."


Without knowing all the facts then, the TNGOP through its executive director, implied that whatever Cohen was doing was analogous to sending pictures of his penis ("apparently, we have our own Weiner of the South") to someone who wasn't his wife (Cohen isn't and hasn't ever been married, by the way).

So, the Rep. deserves an apology? Ummm....[PDF]:

Yesterday, news outlets raised legitimate questions about how Rep. Steve Cohen was using his official Congressional Twitter account. While it's unfortunate Congressman Cohen used a public vehicle for a private matter, whether intentional or not, it is good that he addressed the issue and we can all move on.


Yes, thankfully for you we can call move on — at least that's what you want, because you got absolutely shown out for firing too quickly. Look, one of the hardest things in the world is to apologize, to say you were wrong. Surely it's harder still when your party strides the state like Charlemagne and doesn't have to answer to anyone. But it's the right thing to do.

This is a deadbeat POS.On the

This is a deadbeat POS.On the State Senate floor no one spoke more indignantly against fatherhood.

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