The Amp debate

Steven Hale looks at the looming Amp debate:

One late October morning, a black four-door Chevy pickup pulls into the parking lot of the Aldi supermarket on Gallatin Avenue. Its bed is filled with a heap of 2-by-4 poster frames: the weapons of a grassroots uprising.

Rick Williams opens the passenger door and steps out eagerly. An enthusiastic 55-year-old with a car salesman's full head of wavy hair, Williams is dressed for a mission. His loafers are black, his pants are khaki, and his T-shirt — a battle flag of sorts — is red. It shows a bus underneath a boldface message: "Stop Amp."

This crisp morning, there is excitement in his nasal voice. The resistance has crossed the river.

"We're putting up our first 2-by-4 in East Nashville," Williams says. "This is big for us."