Turner: 'I’m not going to be here that much longer'

State Rep. Mike Turner plans to give up his leadership role in the House Democratic Caucus in January due to disagreements with the party’s state chairman Roy Herron.

“This is what it is: Roy is my friend and Roy is a good man. And I hope he’s successful. And he needs a caucus chairman that can work with him,” he said.

Turner said he wants the party to move in a more technology-oriented progressive manner, and Herron has more of a conservative, traditional approach. The decision to step down is “nothing personal,” he added.

“With the short time I’ve got left up here, I don’t need to be butting heads with the party,” he said. “Look, if I was 25 years old — hell, if I was 45 years old — I would keep fighting and try to get the party to go my way. But I’m not going to be here that much longer. I’ve got about two more terms in me, that’s about it.”

While Turner said he has taken an aggressive approach to dealing with the Republican Party, that’s not the tone the state party wants to set, he said. 

Turner’s decision to step down from Democratic Party leadership follows the exit from the party of several staffers who cited Herron’s leadership style.