State now expects some 52,000 new TennCare enrollees

That’s 7,000 more than the state figured would sign up as a result of the Affordable Care Act, according to TennCare Director Darin Gordon, who says about 1,000 have been able to so far.

All together, organic increases in TennCare’s budget are expected to total $180 million out of $300 million new dollars the state expects to have to play with next year.  Officials expect another $57 million in built-in education formula increases to also eat a chunk of available revenues next year.

“Will there be some cuts we’ll have to make in TennCare, you bet,” Gov. Bill Haslam said after yesterday's TennCare budget hearing.

The state also expects it will have to close out the 16,000-member CoverTN limited benefit health insurance program come the first of the year, said Gordon, although he said he thinks there's support in his agency to use reserve funds to keep the AccessTN program open for another year.