Joe Carr's History Lesson

UPDATED: Carr's team sent over a response.


The WaPo has an interesting story purporting to tell us what Joe Carr tells us about Republicans. It also tells us Joe Carr is really upset about the fact the U.S. invaded Iraq before it invaded Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11 (he got that wrong):

He’s not nearly as polished as Rubio and Cruz were by the time they entered their respective primary bids, and his knowledge of foreign policy may leave some large donors unimpressed. His biggest critique of the Bush White House’s foreign policy was using military force against Iraq (which began in March 2003) before Afghanistan (which actually began in October 2001).

“We went to Iraq first and then Afghanistan, if you remember. At least in a forceable way. I thought the order in which we dealt with the terrorist threat in Afghanistan and Iraq was out of order. We should have done Afghanistan first,” he said.