But first, a letter from David Briley

Ahead of the chairman's election, David Briley sends this to his fellow TNDP Exec Commers:

Ten Things I Have Not Heard About Dave Garrison


1)            He Voted to Defund Planned Parenthood

2)            He Voted in the Republican Primary

3)            He Cannot Raise the Money the Party Needs

4)            He Lacks the Support of Organized Labor

5)            He Opposed the Affordable Care Act

6)            He Will Alienate the Base of the Party if He’s Elected

7)            He Has Been Endorsed by the NRA

8)            He Sponsored Legislation That Restricted a Woman’s Right to Choose

9)            He Will Struggle to Maintain a Professional Staff

10)          He Already Had His Chance


Three Things I Have Heard About Dave Garrison


1)            He Has Worked His Tail Off for the Party

2)            He Has a Good Plan to Move the Party Forward in a Tough Environment

3)            He Is Too Close to Our Current Chair


Of all the things that I have and have not heard about Dave, the only one that needs explanation is the last – all the others clearly weigh in his favor. 


As much as anyone on the Committee I can speak to Dave’s ties to the current Chair.  I have known Chip Forrester since the mid 1990’s when we both lived in East Nashville.  Before our more recent disagreements, we frequently supported the same candidates here in Nashville and Chip supported me when I ran for Council at Large.  I’ve also known Dave since 2006 when he helped raise money for my campaign for Mayor.  Since then, he has always been committed to Democratic causes and candidates.  His commitment to the Party extended to a willingness to serve as Treasurer when Mr. Freeman resigned.  As far as I know, this was Dave’s first time to work with Chip.


Of all the members of the Committee, I have spoken out as much as any in opposition to Chip during the last four years.  I know that some of you have not liked what I said.  For those of you who agreed with my comments, I hope you understand that I would not be supporting Dave if I thought that the errors of the last few years would be repeated.  I am confident that Dave will both avoid those mistakes and continue the improvements that have been made in the recent past. 


All of the candidates who have announced are good people with the best of intentions.  Only Dave Garrison gives us the chance to move forward in a unified way without the distraction of a Chair whose values clash with the ideals of the Democratic Party. 


Please Help the Party Unite and Vote for Dave Garrison


David Briley

District 20