Here they come

Presumably, every member of Jim Tracy's leadership legion endorses him, but here's an endorsement from Mark Green for good measure:

Senator Mark Green, physician and small business owner, endorsed today Republican State Senator Jim Tracy for Congress in the fourth congressional district.
“As a small business owner, Jim understands what it’s like to meet a payroll and make a balanced budget.  With his experience in the Tennessee Legislature tied in with his business background and experience, Jim is exactly what both Washington and Tennessee need to drive the economic engine, put Tennesseans back to work and cut the government wasteful spending,” said Senator Green.
“After serious consideration and prayer I have decided to endorse Senator Jim Tracy for Congress against Republican incumbent Congressman Scott Dejarlais. Jim is a man of honor, integrity and character and will uphold the office with the utmost respect,” said Senator Green.
State Senator Jim Tracy said today, "I got to know State Senator Green this past campaign cycle. Mark is a strong leader, physician and businessman who understands what it takes to grow a company. I am honored to have his endorsement for Congress in the 4th Congressional district and I am excited to have him as a colleague in the State Senate."