Pay for what you get, I suppose

Michelle Rhee's Students First threw some money around:

Led by former Washington, D.C., schools chancellor Michelle Rhee, StudentsFirst spent $112,113 on DeBerry, pouring most the money into canvassing and more than $5,500 into phone-banking.

Expected on the docket this year are three hotly contested proposals: one to allow groups wanting to give charter schools the option to apply to a statewide panel; one to create a school voucher program; and one to strengthen parents’ ability to turn around failing schools. StudentsFirst supports all of those plans.

Four other lawmakers on the 15-member House Education Committee were on the receiving end of the group’s political generosity to the tune of $16,500, including Reps. Kevin Brooks with $5,000; Debra Moody with $5,000; Dawn White with $1,500 and Ryan Williams with $5,000. Members were appointed to the committee by House Speaker Beth Harwell.

Members sitting on the Senate Education Committee collectively took in $36,500 from StudentsFirst. Those members include Education chair Delores Gresham with $10,000; Sens. Steve Dickerson with $11,500; Todd Gardenhire with $1,500; Joey Hensley with $13,500.